“A point where two or more straight lines meet.” Vertex

Tamanna Vertex provides Relationship Management services across the MENA Region for various clients worldwide.

Our strengths allow us to initiate and maintain Government & Private Relations, robust Business Development avenues and deep Networking lines so that your company is well placed to achieve its goals.

Our diverse network of high-level contacts assists us in providing complex strategies and approaches for our clients to produce the best possible outcomes and build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships.

Once we determine our clients’ priorities, we use our understanding, resources, and all available opportunities to accomplish success. We will ensure that the right people are introduced to your network to increase your companies sphere of influence, which will have a direct impact on your business position and profits.


At Tamanna Impact we understand the difficulties of either attempting to do business in highly challenging environments or just keeping your business striving and growing.

Tamanna Impact’s directors have nearly two decades of experience in doing business and networking in some of the most dangerous and inhospitable locations in the world.

With this knowledge and expertise, we can represent your company on the ground providing only the best opportunities and partnerships based on well-practised metrics.

We are adept at finding synergies between partners so that we can open doors and paths to growth.


Tamanna Loop are experts throughout the Middle East & North Africa in recovering recyclable materials for export and regeneration. Our core speciality is bridging the gap between buyers and sellers in areas where conducting trade is either too dangerous, or too remote.

Using our networks of government and private contacts we are able to locate processing plants for recoverable materials and negotiate contracts with owners for the best possible prices for our clients. We offer end to end QA/QC ensuring that what you purchase, is exactly what you receive.

Our ability to operate in these environments ensures that long term relationships are managed, supply chain inspections are carried out, and new sources of materials constantly found.

Tamanna Loop the first choice for international trade.